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Are achievements Good or Bad

Not bothered either way

Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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4th Dec 2014

Anybody like to hunt achievements, I know I do. What are your opinions of them "Good" or "Bad".
Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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4th Dec 2014

Yes it is
Joined: 21st Mar 2014
Rank: Founder
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4th Dec 2014

I'm an achievement whore. I try to get all the easy ones of course. Avatar the last Airbender = 1000gs for 5 minutes of work.

If you pause Call of Duty for somebody, that's the f**king one. - Chad Johnson

Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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4th Dec 2014

I heard about avatar air bender was going to buy it for cheevos, everywhere I saw it for sale it was like £32.00 which I thought was a bit much, sure price was more because sellers new people would buy it for easy cheevos.
Joined: 15th Jun 2014
Rank: Member
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5th Dec 2014

I never play a game just for achievements they come as they come.....
Joined: 13th Dec 2014
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14th Dec 2014

Achievements are a nice touch, always gives you that good feeling when you get one.
Quite a lot though I do not have a snowball in hells chance of getting, lol

-They wiped us out. Hundreds dead, maybe thousands.
-The Heat Ray?
-The Martians.

Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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15th Dec 2014

I'm not overly keen on XBox1 achievement s software, there seems to be more glitches and sometimes you have to wait for them to u lock, never had that problem on 360.
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
Rank: Mod
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16th Dec 2014

I liked the achievements that were out during the Halo 3 days when you were rewarded for completing difficult tasks... anymore it seems like you can get an achievement for just about anything.

Turned on your Xbox One! 10G
Didn't rage-throw your controller for getting put back into orbit! 20G
Remembered to See a Man about a Horse before Raiding! 25G

Then you get through a difficult Nightfall and get Strange Coins and no achievement.

Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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17th Dec 2014

Another thing is these challenge achievements watch 500 hours on twitch get an achievement what s***
I purposely don't have twitch or Netflix do not want those on my achievements list.
Joined: 1st Dec 2014
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17th Dec 2014

My kids play a lot of games under my account instead of theirs so I have tons of crazy achievements.

Like the Hey Diddle Diddle Achievement that they got under my account for finding a gang of jumping cows on the Moon in Batman Lego. LOL
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