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Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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16th Aug 2016

So I've been looking over my games lately (Destiny, The Division, and Black Ops 3), and I'm finding myself not even wanting to play, which hasn't happened to me ever before.  I just traded in my copy of Black Ops 3 toward the pre-order of Battlefield 1, and I'm burnt out on Destiny and The Division because no one is every playing those at the same time as me.  

Is anyone else in the same boat as me?  Are games just sucking more, or am I just having a mid-life gaming crisis?  
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Joined: 9th Jul 2014
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16th Aug 2016

I go through phases like that, I blame the games. I'm looking forward to BF1 so I have started playing BF4 again I'm just hoping that after it comes out it doesn't turn into yet another game I have no desire to play.
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Joined: 14th Jun 2014
Rank: Mod
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16th Aug 2016

It's good to know BF1 is being purchased by others here... I still think BF4 is one of the more fun games to play when we can get a group together. I can't wait to see if you can launch a horse across the map when it comes out! Shenanigans shall presume!
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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
Rank: Silver Member
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17th Aug 2016

Naw. Titanfall 2 is coming out also, I'm good. BF1 I might pick up when its cheaper. Played BF4 and Hardline and neither one did anything for me.
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Joined: 16th Jun 2014
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19th Aug 2016

Same boat! I haven't felt like playing much of anything lately. However, I recently discovered that I can use my Xbox One controller on my laptop, so I've downloaded a few emulators to play some really old games that I used to love. For the past couple weeks all I've played is Mike Tyson's Punchout and Sim City!
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Joined: 12th Jan 2016
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20th Aug 2016

Yup, get that way myself. Just built a new PC and started playing BF4 and even CoD on the PC again after a 6 month hiatus. The graphics are simply amazing compared to the Xbox.
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Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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30th Aug 2016

I'm in the same boat, but I have a brand new PC and a HTC Vive coming in about a week. I can't wait to try iRacing in VR.
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Joined: 6th Dec 2014
Rank: Member
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2nd Sep 2016

I get that way. I have no desire to play The Division at all. I'm sorry I sunk so much money into that broken game. I might be up for the new Destiny expansion but I will wait until it comes out to make make decision. Not sure if I want to run out and get BF1 on launch. Might wait till its cheaper. Gears I'll get towards the end of the year. Now just torn between Titanfall or COD. As for right now I am content with Battlefront , Fallout 4 or the other Battlefield games.
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