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21st Aug 2015

I used my EAAccess to download Madden 16, played 2 1/2 6 min quarters and Im already tired of it. The last play before I quit was a 1st & 10 for the opposing team on their own 14 yard line. the outside WR runs a 10-15 yrd post route, he was already making his cut  before my DB that was covering him (in MAN COVERAGE) ever moved <he was in his pre-snap stance up to this point> allowing the WR to catch the ball and run for an 86 yrd TD. If that had been the only bit of BS I would have kept playing but it was like the 4th or 5th WTF!? moment of the game. 1st was on my 2nd possession when on 3rd & 6 I completed a pass to Antonio Brown for a would be 1st but I was called for Illegal Touching....REALLY!?!?!  One of the best WR in the game runs out of bounds while running a "Go" route?  
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16th Nov 2015

I bought the game to play the franchise mode mainly. Madden online has been nothing but "cheese" ever since I can remember. I've played 4 games online. 1 was Madden 15 with Dirty D125. The entire game was competitive and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We didn't score much. I think it ended up being 3-0. Next game was with you. I really felt like you outplayed me...but I got lucky and got the W. Next game online was my Bills vs. the Packers. It was close, but I lost. Eddie Lacy was UNSTOPPABLE. Last game I was under the impression that dude was using the Dolphins so I didn't feel too over matched. He wound up picking the Patriots and he destroyed me.

Anyways, I wish more of our members played this game. I think we're the only 2 and I can tell you seem done with it. For now I think I'll just continue playing offline modes. I did pick up Black Ops 3 so I imagine I'll be busy with that for a little while.
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