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Joined: 16th Jun 2014
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20th Nov 2015

I'm curious what kinda speeds you guys/gals are getting. I hear a lot of complaining about lag but I never really have an issue. I never really check my connection or run speed tests etc. but I ran one just to see. Here's my results. Feel free to share your own!

Here's the test I used:

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21st Nov 2015

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Last Edit: 21st Nov 2015 by kacarrotto
Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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21st Nov 2015 may want to repeatedly check you results...most ISP's can and will bounce you from server to server at times and the speeds may change dramatically from one minute to the next...
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Joined: 9th Jul 2014
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21st Nov 2015

from what LITTLE i understand in online games PING means more than speed, assuming you meet the minimum speed requirements for XBL ( ... erformance-solution) - D/L: 3mbps U/L: 0.5mbps PING less than 150ms. running a speed test on my console <hardwired> in the SETTINGS>NETWORK>DETAILED NETWORK STATISTICS section my results - D/L: 89.97 U/L: 11.92 LATENCY(PING) 92ms on my laptop <wifi> using - D/L: 63.86 U/L: 11.46 PING: 24ms
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22nd Nov 2015

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Last Edit: 22nd Nov 2015 by FrenchFryFRiend
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24th Nov 2015

Dat Ping Though!
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Last Edit: 24th Nov 2015 by jbirdring
Joined: 1st Dec 2014
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24th Nov 2015

Also realistically anything over 6mb is a waste in regards to Xbox one currently. Last I saw that is the fastest Xbox Live and the Azure infrastructure can communicate with an Xbox One. It really is all about the ping and where you are connecting. This speedtest pings a close by server but if I am playing with Kept or Kacarratto it has to go to the coast and back which depending on hops can affect the ping etc. There are also a ton of other factors to consider such as your opponents connection, is it P2P like Destiny and so on.
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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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24th Nov 2015

Dang dat ping and the upload being higher than the download. I am guessing you aren't with Time Warner Cable as your internet provider.
If I can move into a house next year I will get Google Fiber, but until then the best I can buy where I live is what I have, posted above.
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