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Somebody Stole My Xbox
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Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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25th Jul 2015

Ok so I'm away on vacation and I get a call from my niece and she tells me that my house was broken into.  So I'm freaking out and I start asking what happened.  They apparently broke in through my bedroom window so I ask did they take anything from my room or went through anything and she said nothing was touched.  So I ask about the tv's,  the laptop's, tablets, and my son's $3000 gaming computer and nothing was taken.  It turns out the only thing that was taken was my Xbox, the controllers and all my games.  Who the hell breaks into a house and only steals an Xbox and leaves all the expensive electronics.  So anyway I might be offline for a little while till this all gets sorted out.  Well maybe after all this I will finally be able to upgrade to Xbone.

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Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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25th Jul 2015

That sucks... probably some dumbass middle-school kids who don't know the value of the other things in your home. Sorry man.

Joined: 16th Dec 2014
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26th Jul 2015

Yea, that's brutal. Definitely could've been worse but still sucks having to replace something stolen like that, there are a lot of good Xbox One bundle deals out there right now though.
Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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26th Jul 2015

...well, that sucks...and on top of everything else it was a "last generation" Xbox??? ...that, is truly bizarre...all of the "high-end" electronics are not touched...gotta' go with ;0(
Joined: 16th Jun 2014
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26th Jul 2015

Damn...that sucks man. I had a break in similar to this quite a few years back. Someone kicked my door in and stole my Playstation, games and some fireworks I had sitting on the counter. Left everything else untouched. They didn't even grab the wires to hook up the PS! lol

Hope they find out who got ya, Chaos! I agree with the others. Probably some idiotic kid. Good luck!

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Joined: 9th Jul 2014
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26th Jul 2015

I install security systems (been doing it for 14+yrs) and this is the kind of break-in usually done by someone who has been in the house before. If it was "pro" or "smash'n'grab" high dollar electronics in plain sight would have absolutely been taken (or an aggressive attempt made) unless they are mounted on a wall/ceiling. I agree it DOES sound like kids, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be a "friend" of your son's or a neighborhood kid that knows your house. Unless this is an elaborate insurance fraud scheme concocted as a means of upgrading to an Xbone. hah j/k Sorry to hear the "bad news fairy" dropped in on your vacation, hopefully you are able to enjoy the rest of it.
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Last Edit: 26th Jul 2015 by Koojo
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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27th Jul 2015

Ok so here is an update it turns out it was 3 neighborhood kids that we know and suspected. It was actually caught on a surveillance camera from my neighbors house. It also turns out that more was taken but we didn't discover it till we got home. They took 2 laptop's from my room that I forgot were there. They were a friend of mine's kids and I had them because I need to fix some stuff on them. They also took my wife's mountain bike. The Xbox and games were returned when they arrested the kid but the Xbox was damaged. They damaged it when they ripped it out because the Ethernet cable actually pulled the port out and same with the power port. They also destroyed the wires for my headset transmitter.The police have all the info and when it goes to court I should be receiving full reimbursement of purchase price for the items. This may work out for me in the end because I purchased my Xbox for $400 in a package deal with some games and an extra controller, plus another 200 to replace the headset and 200 for the bike, and then 500 to replace the friends laptop's. So hopefully the police are right and I will get more than enough to upgrade to xbone and buy a new headset as well. The only downside is that I won't be able to play anything till this is all resolved.
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Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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27th Jul 2015

Great news glad hopefully all works out for you it's a dam shame that this happened tho....
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