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3rd Feb 2015

Ok the Clan War is over, I made it through Monday with out murdering anyone and me and Sgt Recoil99 played MW for a cpl of hours Monday night and had some good matches in HC TDM. We played with some folks who appreantly play together fairly regularly and they were decent ppl giving call outs, appologizing for team kills,  & playing straight up. So I feel pretty good about our chances of making a CoD4 Game Night something we can all enjoy with out having to deal with a bunch of hacked lobbies, mod'rs, and other less than enjoyable aspects of multi-player gami'm , I live in the Central U.S. timezone and unless something comes up or I get word from y'all requesting otherwise Im  AIMING for being on and starting to try and rounding people up around 7. It'd be great to have a nice turn out and Im hoping to meet some of y'all that I have not played with yet. For some reason alot of the ppl on my X1 friends list are not showing up when i log on to my 360 so anyone interested in playing to make it easier on me to find y'all how about sending me a msg idk if its blank just so i have your gamertag and know you r interested in recieving an invite.
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3rd Feb 2015

I would love to join you all but I don't have a 360 anymore I loved COD 4. Hopefully one day all COD games will make to the newer consoles. Something like how HALO is doing with bring all the older games to the XB1.....
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3rd Feb 2015

Got a msg out on XBL Ive only got 30-something on my list so anyone else that could spread the good word thats be great. the more ppl we have the more fun we'll have
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