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10th Apr 2017

April 10, 2017

  As time passes all things change. Making new friends, changing of occupations, reconnecting with old friends and growing with all of it.
  For those of you that don't know, I am James C. Chastain, aka SGT RECOIL99, owner and operator of the SGT RECOIL99 Network.
  Currently we own and operate 10 domains, 2 Twitter accounts, 3 Facebook accounts, 1 pinterest account and 2 BAND groups and administrator of Xbox Club OaD Gaming.
  Included in the SGT RECOIL99 network is also the OaDGaming Network, a gaming community that began on Xbox and has started on PlayStation. 
  The OaDGaming community is a great community made up of mostly older players. The average age is 35, and we set a minimum age of 25, with exceptions made on a case by case basis. The communioty is available in the U.S., Canada and the U.K..

  The OaDGaming Network is paid for by the SGT RECOIL99 Network and this is done by purchases made through our products, advertisements and services, the majority of which are items that players are already buying or using. So, we are not asking for membership fees or donations, just buy from though our ads and/or our stores.

   Currently SGT RECOIL99's Gamers Supply has been located on a Google server. Within the next couple of weeks that will change with the main domain, directing towards another new server. Our location on the google server will stay in place, but as an archive.
  Our new location will provide us with a new look and the means to meet new demands. It will also provide us with the means to provide more gaming news, products, services.
  One new service we will be bringing is focused on gamers who are also self-employed. Regardless, if it is connected to video games or not won't matter. More to come on this as we near the release of this service.

 Some will also notice a change in the OaDgaming Network domains. Each domain will soon have its own site. So to OaDGaming current members be sure you start using (for Xbox) and/or (for Playstation).

 Stay tuned every week as we continue to bring you latest news from the gaming industry.

 I am always working on something so you never know what you will miss.



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Twitter @sgtrecoil99 ... m

Sua Sponte

Go all in at everything you do in life or die a failure

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10th Apr 2017

You got that right Recoil you are always working on something....Take a dang break you are doing a great job my friendĀ 
Last Edit: 10th Apr 2017 by SGT POP SMOKE
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10th Apr 2017

Kinda of jumped back into the PC gaming world. Keeping tabs on you all. Couldn't get into CoD IW, hopefully next CoD will be boots on the ground and Scorpio will be out!
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