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16th Aug 2014

More details you probably didn’t know about Advanced Warfare MP
By Keshav on August 16, 2014 @KeshavB11
Players in Germany have had the ability to go hands on with Advanced Warfare MP at Gamescom this week, and some YouTubers have learned more details about MP from playing and talking to developers at the event. FearCrads has posted a nice video talking about the little things that majority of us may have missed when watching the reveal.
Here’s a summary of what he said:
  • Hit markers – there’s two types of hit markers. When you kill an enemy, you get a single hit marker confirming the kill. When you get a headshot, you get a double hit marker to identify that you have a headshot kill.
  • You can actually equip two scorestreaks that have the same point value because of the new customizable scorestreaks. Customizing them allows you to add additional features to a scorestreak, but adding the features increases the points you need to get that streak. You can get all streaks at the same time, if they’re all customized to the same point value.
  • When aiming down sights, when you aim at an enemy, your site will highlight red; when you aim down at a friendly it will light up blue.
  • A big change for Call of Duty: There’s NO fall damage in Advanced Warfare MP. With the implementation of the exo types of jumps, there won’t be any issue where your character can fall to death (unless they fall of the map itself).
  • For round ending cams, if you’re playing an objective mode, at the end it will show which player completed the objective to win the game; it won’t show the ending kill. “Gaming winning score”
  • Melee system is very similar to Black Ops 2, hard to hit someone who isn’t at a close distance.
  • It is possible to survive a melee attack if you have the Exo Stim ability active.
  • Snipers with iron sights are returning in Advanced Warfare.
  • Combat Record from Black Ops is returning in Advanced Warfare
  • C4s are not returning
Watch FearCrads video to learn more:

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17th Aug 2014

Forum » Games » Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
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