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The most stupid thing I heard EVER in Battlefield
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Joined: 18th Jun 2014
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17th Jul 2014

Warning the following  rant is from my just recent exposure on Battlefield series..

The names has been changed to protect his stupidity...

I got off work today feeling good welcoming a nice 4 day weekend.. and wanted to get some game play before one of my guilty pleasures.. watching Big Brother 16...

Anyways I was on a Hardcore Server playing  Metro14 and I was playing of-course Support..
We are behind but not much in tickets..  and I am laying down ammo crates and some key claymores in spots of high traffic.. I get a bloody  voice message from some young yanker saying " stop it with claymores its also killing our guys.. or you will be kicked...." I was like WTF... now I  been on servers that banned shotguns, 320's,Commanders, you name it they have banned or said so.. this server's pregame description was "NO RULES"  and no friendly fire was set..I'm like what ever kiddo your stats must be dropping or you not able to boost whatever..I am so  sick and tired of playing on "custom servers" and get "BS" flak from players that do not know how to play the game or counter and measure that is in the game every bloody weapon has its plus but also has its drawbacks as well

I will no long join in a game in progress with such and will stick mostly to  Vanilla servers ran by Dice.. I had enuff

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Watch your SIX ....

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Joined: 3rd May 2014
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18th Jul 2014

I always play on dice servers. Got tired of the drama and being kicked. Got tired of losing stuff I earned because of it. So, I understand your frustration.
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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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18th Jul 2014

I have always thought that the renting servers thing is stupid. Everybody comes up with their own dumb rules like no anti air, dont shoot down helicopters. I always tried to look for DICE servers in BF3 when I played but they were hard to find sometimes. Also the rented servers often have games that are waaay longer than what I would ever want to play.
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Joined: 20th Jun 2014
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19th Jul 2014

...after gettin' kicked by an Admin last night in Siege of Shanghai, for killin' him one time too many...and bein' on the verge of the BEST MATCH I had EVER played (even countin' the 360), I will definitely gravitate to the Dice servers, if I have a choice in the matter...(...the little pri**...oh, sorry...never mind...)
Joined: 18th Jun 2014
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19th Jul 2014

I think that EA should turf the Kick and Ban feature in Rent servers and when a person setting up the server can click what weapons and modes etc and one will see that on the Welcoming server page..

I have went many time 10-0 or 15-1 with fluke multi kills with granade or RPG heli kills.. and honestly it was luck.. then comes the "screen of black of shame"..

So I like the high ticket games... I enter them @ my own risk but now Dice server troller...

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Watch your SIX ....

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

Last Edit: 19th Jul 2014 by Ce1ticWarriorz
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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19th Jul 2014

I try to stick to DICE servers as well... unless I'm looking for an empty server to mess around in. I've been booted for roadkilling and using C4. I've even been booted for "camping my own spawn and sniping" when other players on the admin's team are doing the same thing. Rental servers are pretty much another way of buying-up your rank. You get to take your ball and run home.
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