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Joined: 3rd May 2014
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20th Jun 2016

I'm looking for peeps this week on X1.  If you still have this game, look me up around 8pm est on most nights. 
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Joined: 24th Jun 2014
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20th Jun 2016

Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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20th Jun 2016

Hardline is free in the Vault now if you have EA access.

Joined: 9th Jul 2014
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21st Jun 2016

I had not played the game on X1 in months but after d/ling the last 2 DLC packs and updating the game I played for a few mins today. I will probably jump in if I see anyone playing. What game modes do 'yall like? TDM, CQ(small > large) , Blood Money, Hiest & Hotwire seem to be where I end up usually.
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Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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22nd Jun 2016

If you want to get points fast play Hotwire. Play as engineer class with the repair tool, just jump in a vehicle as a passenger any vehicle. You ride with your tool out and use it to repair the vehicle. ( Ha Ha) You will get all kinds of points for the repairs, also you get points as if you were driving. Just keep watching the damage meter when it goes below 100% whip out your tool and go to work. The idea of the game is steal the vehicles and keep them from the other team. When you set up your vehicles in the menu before you can on several of the police and other cars put an RPG or Light Machinegun in the trunk. You can go up to any of these vehicles jump in then back out go to the trunk open it get the weapon. You can also turn on the lights, sirens, and the radios they have several stations you can listen to as you drive around. in the transport choppers, you can also put different types of machine guns for you to use as a side gunner. In the battle packs, you earn in the game or with the points you get which turn into money,which you can buy battle packs. In them, you get all kinds of equipment and paint for your vehicles. ( So you can change the color of paint on your vehicles ) There is a lot you can do in the BF games to make it your own style.
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Forum » Games » Battlefield Hardline
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