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Hi there! :)
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Joined: 20th Jul 2015
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20th Jul 2015

OK, so long story short, I'm a 28 (soon to be 29) year old from the UK that's looking for older people to play with. After checking I saw the link to this site and felt that it was worth a try. I play pretty much anything and everything. My primary console is an Xbox One, but I do have a PS4 too however I hardly use it. 

I'm getting to that point in life where gaming with kids and teenagers is becoming increasingly awkward and there's no way in hell that I'm giving up gaming! 

Now I noticed when joining that you have to be 30+ to join this group, I really hope that 2 year difference isn't going to bite me in the ass!  however, if you're unable to make an exception then it's all good and I understand! No hard feelings

iTz SiNZ v2 (or Ian whichever you prefer)
Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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20th Jul 2015

Hey SINZ glad you join this great group of adult gamers well some what for gaming we play all types Titanfall Battlefield and CoD and many more.lot's of new games are coming out the site right now is a little quite right now.but when the new games come rolling out OaD will be busy again.if you are into COD we have a clan set up that you can join.if you have any questions just ask we will help you out...Enjoy the stay
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Joined: 20th Jul 2015
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20th Jul 2015

Awesome, I really appreciate it! I have all of those games, although I don't play CoD much these days, I'm pretty into Hardline and Battlefield 4 though!
Joined: 29th Jul 2014
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20th Jul 2015

Welcome aboard!
Joined: 21st Sep 2014
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20th Jul 2015

welcome I loook forward to some racing when forza comes out. glad you found us.
Joined: 16th Jun 2014
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21st Jul 2015

Hello and welcome!

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My wife left me because of my obsession with Call Of Duty. She won't get far though, I put a claymore by the doorway. ... JasonCarter1977 ... OADGAMING ... owboxer1977 ... 6rfCVT3rtCTdtBCkHM9w

Joined: 1st Dec 2014
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21st Jul 2015

f**k that. Old crotchety bastards only! HAHA Just kidding welcome aboard. Well partly kidding there are a lot of old crotchety bastards on here, a few assholes, and a narcissist or two. But damn are they fun to game with.
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
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23rd Jul 2015

Joined: 27th Apr 2015
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25th Jul 2015

Hello! Add me thedoom79 just playing whatever atm.
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
Rank: Mod
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25th Jul 2015

Welcome... playing mostly Destiny right now, but BF4 every once in a while... feel free to jump in with me any time.  We won't hold your age against you too much, but some of us might call you "Junior"

Joined: 20th Jul 2015
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27th Jul 2015

Haha with the way I feel on Xbox Live these days, I'll be honoured to be called Junior

My Gamertag is iTz SiNZ v2 feel free to add me guys. 
Joined: 10th Jun 2014
Rank: Site Owner
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28th Jul 2015

Welcome to OaD. Some call me old, grouchy, plus some other explicit names or just bunch 'em together.

Hope to see you soon on COD!
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Twitter @sgtrecoil99 ... m

Sua Sponte

Go all in at everything you do in life or die a failure

Joined: 23rd Sep 2014
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18th Aug 2015

Hello welcome. Feel free to add me any new friends always welcome.
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