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Joined: 24th Dec 2016
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19th Jan 2017

Greetings Everyone,
     Well, been a while since I have joined a clan so here I go.
Gamertag: DarkLordDrakan

My name is Kris. 38 years old and still gaming strong. 911 Dispatcher and volunteer firefighter. Biological father of an awesome 12 year old boy and Godfather to a few kids that call me daddy. Funny how I got divorced but managed to be a father figure to the 2 she popped out after she left. Well, if not me then who. 

I started on the Atari and now like to spend my time playing Destiny and a few other titles. Played a lot of shooters through the years. Doom, UT, Tribes, CS, Planetside, way too much COD and Halo. I'm not playing now but I have a WoW account with a frightening amount of time invested haha! I would still be playing but Dragonmaw-Alliance sucked anymore and I refuse to pay $25 per character to move to a better server. I just don't like PvP in that game anymore. I just like running content and dungeons. So I dropped out and haven't gotten the new expansion.

Mainly like zoning out on Destiny after I get done with the dad and work things. I've been a 911 Dispatcher for 13 years and counting. So it's a nice way to blow off steam. I've got all 3 classes to level 40 and almost 385 Light. I want to try and do more Nightfall strikes without the craps shoot of random people. I have yet to see the inside of one of the raids and really want to at this point. I still have my PvP skills and do fine when I can be dragged into the Crucible. I like to be a mid to long range marksman or play a support role. I've found while I feel I still got it I get hosed in the twitch/close range stuff anymore. 

I'm on most nights after 5pm PST till 9ish. Sometimes later on my days off. That switches every 4 months though because of shift work. Really hoping to meet up and get some raid content going so please add me on XBL if you're wanting a member for anything. Not much of a talker just fyi. Do so much phone and radio work I really enjoy being quiet. But hey, I guess that classifies me as a good listener right? 

Thank You 
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Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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22nd Jan 2017

Welcome Kris!

Joined: 21st Sep 2014
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23rd Jan 2017

Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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26th Jan 2017

Welcome to the group kris....
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